Help Peppa and George build a house with Daddy Pig.

And now my version of Peppa and George, followed by how to!

Peppa Pig and George will be making a special appearance in Basingstoke this .

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  • Peppa Pig is an excitable four-­year-­old pig who lives with her little brother George and hermummy and daddy. She loves jumping in muddy puddles and having lots of fun. This animatedseries for pre-­schoolers follows Peppa and George as they engage in various activities such asgoing to the library, doing the recycling or visiting the dentist. The animations are bright andengaging, and focus on family life. Peppa and George also have lots of friends such as SuzySheep and Richard Rabbit, who all have their own personalities, and their own special ways ofdoing things!

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    "How can you explain this?"

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  • Episode number Total episodes Title Original UK broadcast by Original UK airdate DVD reference
    S1 105 "Peppa's Christmas" Channel 5 25 December 2007, 24 December 2008 (Edited version) 7.01, 9.11, 20.03

    Peppa and her family are busy preparing for Christmas. Peppa and George post their letters to Father Christmas, then the whole family sets off to buy a Christmas tree from Miss Rabbit's tree shop. Daddy Pig chooses a tree that is much too big to fit in the family's little car, so he has to carry the tree all the way home. Later that night, Father Christmas comes to Peppa's house, but when he goes down the chimney, he loses his list. Will he remember all the toys to deliver to the other houses?

    NOTE: This is a 10-minute special.

    Anyway, I didn't sleep, of course, because it was far too early, so I played with my Yoda and Darth Vader night lights for hours - Darth obviously defeated Yoda every time. Then he turned on Peppa and George. Well, you can guess what happened to them.

Grandpa Pig puts up a tent; Peppa and George visit a fish pond.

The family plans a special day for George's birthday; Suzy Sheep comes over to play with Peppa; Peppa and George are painting; Peppa and George visit their cousin; Grandpa Pig builds a train.