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Catipillar Ride On and Pedal Bulldozer Toy
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Big Front Loader Ride On Pedal Excavator Bulldozer

Rolly Toys CAT Front Loader and Backhoe

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  • Maxi Excavator is the powerful pedal bulldozer made by Peg Perego that is suitable for children aged 2 upwards. It encourages your child to spend fun days in the open air discovering new activities such as digging, transporting, unloading earth, leaves and small objects.
    The large self-propelled Maxi Excavator grabber is operated manually by 2 different levers. The central handle moves the entire arm for digging, paving and collecting material from the ground. The side lever tilts the grabber to download only.

    Tractor Pedal
    After a long week of pedalling your bulldozer, it’s time to have some fun on the weekend. What do you use? Maybe it’s time to head to the tractor pull with your pedal-powered pulling tractor. That’ll be a tough one to get a full pull.

  • Pedal BulldozerItem has moderate to heavy rust. Rust is not so severe that pieces are falling off or that the surface cannot be fixed. Missing radiator cap and whatever goes on the hood. No exhaust pipes on side of tractor. No chain. Pedals and linkage are original. Missing one cover for the left side tool box. Blade is missing one bottom guide. Rest of blade looks complete. Tracks are complete and still connected. One track does have a linkage that is partially broken. Track flexes and is not seized.Due to the high price that i had to pay for this item i have no choice but to have a reserve. Free shipping to lower fourty-eight states.

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