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Do Your Happy Dance!: Celebrate Wonderful You (Peanuts)

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  • Sweet, gentle, and nostalgic in tone (there's nary a smartphone to be seen!), THE PEANUTS MOVIE does right by the classic comic strips and TV specials so beloved by fans. While it has a slightly softer edge than the older stuff (fewer disgusted uses of "stupid" and "blockhead," for example, and more optimism on the part of Charlie Brown), all of the touchstones are there: Vince Guaraldi's jazzy music, Snoopy's vivid fantasy life, Lucy's psychiatric advice booth, the classic Peanuts dance moves, Pigpen's dust cloud, Linus' earnest advice -- heck, there's even a zamboni.

    Suffering end-of-day Christmas fatigue? Waistband stretched from too much eggnog and pie? Can’t find the energy to wash the dishes/toss the crumpled wrapping paper/stay up late watching bad TV marathons with relatives? Then it’s time to watch the Peanuts Christmas dance – like a pure shot of adrenaline in a 45-second YouTube clip.

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