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An Auckland primary school is looking for $600,000 for an outdoor canopy to help accommodate their growing roll.

King Canopy INAWB400 17-Inch Weight Bags for Instant Legs, Black, 4-Pack

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    Floating overhead and shading the guests from the sun or rain, the outdoor canopy can be designed to suit different occasions. An outdoor canopy provides simple and shady retreats for parties, weddings, garden celebrations, art shows, and festivals. It is a simple retreat and a great way of providing shade and shelter. Any design of choice can be added to the outdoor canopy.

    All one needs to get an outdoor canopy are:

    Shade canopies are more or less the same as an outdoor canopy. They can be used for big events or backyard fun. Made of poly nylon or woven mesh top covers, they let some light shine through but cut off harmful UV rays.

    Enclosed canopies suit big events or backyard fun and the enclosure provides protection from rain and sun and lends privacy as well. Carport canopies can also be used for boats, and other vehicles that need protection from rain and sun. Car canopies are a great inexpensive way to cover vehicles.

  • In addition to being used for leisure purposes, an outdoor canopy can also be used for practical purposes. These sorts of canopies are often used by vendors at outdoor fairs and flea markets. They are also sometimes used by people who are trying to protect the paint on their cars from fading and becoming otherwise damaged by direct sunlight.

    There are some outdoor canopies that have panels that can be drawn down on one or more sides of the structure. These panels are usually made out of the same material as the roof. They can be tied up and out of the way so that those sitting within the outdoor canopy can see in all directions. Alternatively, they can be undone to offer privacy or shade. This feature can be useful for people who plan to set up an outdoor canopy in a yard that closely borders a neighbor's yard.

  • Why do people build canopies? Well, while some think that it’s an unnecessary addition to a house, others enjoy sunny weather without being sunburnt. There are great amout of outdoor canopy styles and designs, including DIY version, a prefabricated design, and a natural cover.

Outdoor Canopy Adventure - Canopy Tours

Summer is about taking time off, enjoying good weather and healthy relaxation time. Well at least it should be. This is why for today we decided to put together 30 of the most inspiring outdoor canopy beds ideas out there that we believe could make your summer a dream one. These baldaquins inspire peace, shade and nature time. As you can see from the photos below, most of them are located in picturesque environments, whether we are talking about lush gardens, natural ponds or fantastic pools. We like each and everyone of them, from the king-sized beds floating on water to the more rustic ones, reminding of comfortable hammocks. Add a small design-matching table for fresh lemonade or fancy cocktails and you are on a secured path to sweet relaxation. Take your time, enjoy the photos, and at the end tell us which one you like best!