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On the Farm

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  • The Farm Book is a bound manuscript volume. There is no formal title page. The first 168 pages in the volume are part of an original sequence of 174 pages established by Jefferson. Each page measures approximately 6 1/8 x 7 3/4 inches. After Jefferson's death, the Farm Book was bound or rebound in leather, but before the bound volume came to the Massachusetts Historical Society, an unknown person removed 6 pages of manuscript text (73-74 and 171-174) that are now owned by the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections of the Princeton University Library. The removed pages "Leaves from Jefferson's Farm Book" do not appear in this electronic edition of the Farm Book. (However, facsimiles of the six manuscript pages owned by Princeton University are stored in an archival enclosure with the original manuscript volume.)

    Being on a farm is such an adventure for kids especially when they discover new things and animals there…For children who are unable to physically go and visit a farm, what better way to introduce them to it than with “On The Farm Coloring Book”! Its is sure to spark their imagination with the sceneries depicted on each page and guaranteed to keep them busy coloring those fun images.

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