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  • Hi! I recently acquired an old baby carriage, and working with vintage metal is all new to me. It seems to have all the pieces except the wheel covers. So far I don't see any brand or symbols on it but it is in desperate need of cleaning... My question is what do you suggest for cleaning and then restoring the metal, including the wheels? I really want to salvage this piece. The metal seems solid, just very greasy and dirt covered, also scratched. Some rust. The carriage handle, which is one long rounded handle attached on both ends to the frame looks to be plated because the silver is somewhat scratched through and shows the dark metal underneath. I am looking for as much information as possible or further contacts to go to, on how to clean and restore the metal frame and wheels, as after that I will have to move on to re-covering it.

    Many of the old wicker baby carriages, such as those made by Hedstrom Union have metal wheels that are wrapped with solid rubber. Often the wheels are in good condition or can be restored, but the rubber is usually badly cracked.

    How can the rubber be replaced?

  • Hi;
    I am restoring an old baby carriage for my soon-to-come first grand-daughter, the same one we used 30 years ago for her mother. The chassis (bottom part of carriage with the wheels on it, for lack of a better term) is chrome-plated steel and has rust spots throughout. How can I restore this?


    developed an early stroller in 1733. In 1733, the asked Kent to build a means of transport that would carry his children. Kent obliged by constructing a shell shaped basket on wheels that the children could sit in. This was richly decorated and meant to be pulled by a goat or small pony. Benjamin Potter Crandall sold baby carriages in America in the 1830s which have been described as the "first baby carriages manufactured in America" His son, was issued a number of patents for improvements and additions to the standard models. These included adding a brake to carriages, a model which folded, designs for parasols and an umbrella hanger. By 1840, the baby carriage became extremely popular. bought three carriages from Hitchings Baby Store.

  • I have an old baby carriage that was my husband's from 1969. I want to restore for our baby. Where do I go? I live in NJ bergen county. thank you

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