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Fury Martial Arts Tekagi-Shuko "Hand Tiger" Climbing Claws, Midnight Black

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  • Like the Green Berets, the ninja operated in small bands in which each man was a specialist in some form of . They had such a huge assortment of ninja weapons they were expected to master that it was only natural that some men became more adept at specific weapons. Nonetheless, they were still expected to be proficient in all the ninja weapons in their arsenal.

    To be able to create new and powerful weapons makes one prized to one's village, allies, or customers; in the anime, the was once the world's top provider of ninja weaponry.

  • There are tons more of ninja weapons, but these 14 are considered as the most deadly in combat. Accessory items like the popular kunai and shuriken also come in handy most of the times.

    The Black Ninja outruns cops who are on foot, on motorcycles and in cars but there’s too many of them for him to elude and he strikes back, displaying a nice range of ninja weapons while doing so. And I liked the fact that he didn’t simply slice up cops with his sword. He takes them out using his blowgun, throwing stars, blinding powder, chain and sickle, etc. This cat takes out about a hundred cops and even brings down a police helicopter before going down in a hail of gunfire. The cops think he’s dead, get closer and then believe it or not, The Black Ninja jumps up and proceeds to hack and slash to death about a hundred more cops. Having finally gotten sick of this shit, the police do the only sensible thing and form a circle around The Black Ninja then shotgun him to death. Even then this resourceful bastard still gets away by throwing a smoke bomb and seemingly disappears.

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    Characteristic: Shuriken is one very common weapon in Ninjas’ world; it can be purchased in every Ninja weapons chain store. Besides that, the reasonable prices, convenient to carry and suitable for all ages are all the advantages of Shuriken. Usually, Shuriken has been used for constitute as tactics together with Detonate Sign (Shikamaru V.S Hidan ), in addition to this, Ninja could use their Shuriken to send combination Ninjutsu, such as the Shuriken Kagebunsin nojyutu of 3rd Hokage, the Shuriken seems very simple, but it could also play huge power. In short, Shuriken could said be the preferred weapon for Ninja.

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