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Tamagotchi Friends Digital Friend

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  • In addition to officially incorporating the city, the King also unveiled the new Tamagotchi Connection Version 3, which continues to build on the play patterns of its predecessors. The toy continues to feature "Gotchi" Points and secret codes for shopping, as well as infrared technology that allows owners to "connect" their pets together to play games and trade gifts with one another.

    The era of a renewed Tamagotchi phenomenon is dawning worldwide. Now, the popular virtual pet toy from the '90s has been adopted by the next generation of tween and teen fans. Originally launched back in 1996, it went on to sell more than 40 million units worldwide and created a brand new toy category within the industry. Bandai America reintroduced the product in late 2004 with a set of new interactive features as Tamagotchi Connection, creating stronger-than-ever consumer demand in the U.S. and Canada. Recently, the Toy Industry Association named the product as a 2006 "Girl Toy of the Year" finalist in their coveted annual T.O.T.Y. Awards.

  • Now, the new Tamagotchis can live in a virtual world called "" where the Tamagotchi Friends can interact online (the unfinished Dream Town can be found ). Bandai is also producing a and to tease the release of the new Tamagotchi line.

    Unfortunately for those hankering for the new Tamagotchi toys right now, the Tamagotchi Friends devices won't be available in the United States .

  • After years of being quiet, the new Tamagotchi is ready to impress. After people got tired of her, she was eventually found sitting on the bottom of Gacha Gacha machines, a definite fall from grace. But that was almost 20 years ago. Named Tamagotchi 4U, the new version seems more accessory than digital toy pet. The creators of this once cultural icon are marketing Tamagotchi to the little girls who used to own the original, and these girls are now young women in their twenties and thirties. She can be taken apart, so her appearance can be changed to the owner's liking. And she's a lot more fabulous than she used to be. She's also totally connected, as one has to be to be relevant in today's digital world. You can download coupons and gift certificates of certain stores, interact with other owners, and of course she'll be always be communicating with your smartphone. And watch how you raise this one; she'll grow up the way you raise her, so it's up to you to be a good, attentive owner.

Tamagotchi On Your Smartphone- Details About The New Tamagotchi L.i.f

I was very excited to see the new Tamagotchi advert and the catchy little song seemed to have done its number on my two girls as they were hooked as soon as they seen it and have been asking about Tamagotchi’s ever since. We were very lucky to be sent out 2 of these new Tamagotchi’s to take a look at for ourselves and give you our honest opinions on them.