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Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Dart Blaster

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  • The Nerf Vulcan out of the box, actually shoots pretty slow, and is awfully disappointing since it looks completely huge and awesome. But these guys made it shoot 500 RPM!! However, this is only the beginning, the folks at are devoted to their Nerf Vulcan Mod – and have improved it even more! As you will see in the next video. However, that human nature of geeks that we mentioned earlier urged them to hold a contest to see if anyone could beat 600 RPM!

    For starters, the price tag on the Nerf Vulcan is pretty hefty ($40). It also requires 6 D batteries to operate (unless you want to go into single-shot manual pump mode). As you would expect, it also takes a very significant amount of time to load 25 rounds into the belt after every 10 seconds of fun.

  • One of the primary complaints about the Nerf Vulcan is its tendency to jam. In my experience, this problem can be mitigated significantly by keeping the belt straight and ‘feeding’ it in with your non-trigger hand. However, I can see that younger kids would probably have a hard time with this, and I’d imagine they’d grow frustrated rather quickly.

    The Nerf Vulcan is a great gun. It is best used when playing in a team and making covering fire. This gun has two different fire modes there’s pump action and fully auto. In pump action you have the range of about 25-35 feet and in fully auto you have the range of about 20-30 (but its not very accurate in fully auto). This gun looks awesome and it works awesomely so i give this gun 8.5-10

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  • Other features on the Nerf Vulcan include a removable tripod for those special Rambo-like occasions, and a single shot mode when your feeling some accuracy is in order.

Nerf Vulcan EVF-25 gun, tripod, ammobox, ammobelt.

Have you ever wanted to make your own sentry gun that is based off the Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Blaster? Instructables user , has built such a device with a NERF Vulcan gun, stand, motor and a laptop. Using recognition software, the laptop’s camera can track someone walking in front of it, the gun moving to follow the person’s movements. The best part of this build is that she posted up ! The one thing the guide doesn’t mention is the cost of the build. The Nerf Vulcan alone runs around , so this would be an expensive build.