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YouTuber  also ordered two PS3 mystery grab bags that came in the same box. He noticed that each bag was labeled with the same number.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Collection Mystery Bag

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  • Thee are three Yo-kai medals in every mystery bag, and it's a surprise which Yo-kai Medals are inside. Each medal shows a different character. Pretend to summon the crazy Yo-kai characters from the animated show by placing a Yo-kai Medal into the Yo-kai Watch toy, or by scanning a medal into the Yo-kai Watch Land app. There are 44 total medals to collect in Series 1 of the Medal Mystery Bags (3 medals per bag, 24 bags per store tray, each bag sold separately, subject to availability. Watch and medals each sold separately and subject to availability.)

    Tomorrow I’ll be leading another workshop at the in Rockport, Maine. To prepare, we’ve been collecting lots of bits and pieces –hardware, bottle tops, buttons, corks…– to make “mystery bags”:

  • What's the potential upside you ask? Well, we have scattered some pretty amazing items throughout these mystery bags, including an ATN PS28 Night Vision System ($1,899 Retail Value), THREE Aimpoint PROs (Patrol Rifle Optic - $462 value), lots of nice flashlights and knives from LAPG, some Oakley Backpacks, and much more. So in short, you have the potential to get over $1,800 worth of gear, for only $14.99. No risk and huge potential upside!

    Mystery Bag containing familier objects. Two Mystery Bags each containing a set of small geometric solids. A pair of empty bags for you to fill with whatever you think.

    Carl Kilgore
    Yountville, CA
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    Value of Mystery Bags declining
    March 23, 2015
    The quality of the mystery bags has been on a continue slide for quite some time now. I hope that if you issue these in the future the quality will be brought up. I believe that there should be at a minimum an item that is worth the cost of the mystery bag and that item should be at least the cost after discount in other words if the item has been on sale then the price it has been on sale for should be at least the mystery bag cost.

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    Students love sleuthing out what might be in these sealed “mystery bags.” They are allowed to use touch, sound, and even smell to help them develop reasonable inferences about what’s in those befuddling bags. When I reveal the hidden objects, the accompanying cheers and groans are worthy of a Roman coliseum.

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From the image above, you can see that GameStop advertises your mystery bag could contain games like Borderlands 2, which isn't that old and could come out to a pretty decent value. The mystery grab bags are available for the Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3. For the purposes of our test, we went with the Xbox 360 grab bag, and we have detailed our findings below.