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Monster High Getting Ghostly Spectra Vondergeist Doll

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  • Monster High student Spectra Vondergeist, wants a makeover and she's entrusted you to give her one with your good taste and style. Give the ghost girl a modern and scary look with leather, spikes, chains and brilliant fabric!

    The Monster High Spectra doll comes with some accessories mainly her ghost pet ferret named Rhuen. Just like it mistress, the ferret also has transparent body. Included also are her diary and hair brush.

  • The to-die-for Monster High student Spectra comes dressed in a themed outfit with purse, iCoffin and makeup compact so she looks her best all night long! She is going to have a monster good time!

    Spectra Portrait. . HD Wallpaper and background images in the Monster High club tagged: monster high character spectra vondergeist fan art portrait deviantart.

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