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This page accompanies the , which details the main step by step process of building and configuring an OpenEnergyMonitor system.

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  • “The accuracy, reliability, and level of customization offered through the ESA monitoring system is unmatched in today’s market”” –Javier Latre, ESA Renewables Vice President of Engineering

    A few very high-end models of hardware system monitor are designed[] to interface with only a specific model of . These systems directly utilize the sensors built into the system, providing more detailed and accurate information than less-expensive monitoring systems customarily provide.

  • ESA developed its proprietary monitoring system to embody all the needs of the customer and engineers involved in each solar system. ESA’s monitoring system allows for centralized monitoring, reliable and secure data storage, adaptability to any size installation, and immediate access to alerts, updates, and current conditions at the site. Unlike other systems which only manage monitoring of the inverter, ESA has the ability to monitor each individual module on a solar array and can detect issues down to the string level. This detailed approach allows the solar farm to remain resilient to environmental factors. The comprehensive capabilities of the monitoring system produce maximum financial and energy returns and minimal expenses.

    The monitoring system enables continuous viewing of pertinent data at a glance and the high level of customization permits each site to have a specifically tailored system. Daily graphs are displayed representing the essential parameters, including power, current, voltage and irradiation. Integral data is also at hand, such as energy reports which amplify the energy of each inverter and the total energy of the plant. The system can detect various problems which become alerts signaling the need for inspection, locating the issue down to the string line. The monitoring system software is highly maneuverable and incorporates an easy-to-use web application interface that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, enabling engineers to make crucial adjustments to maximize energy production. The web interface is extremely understandable and effective from ESA and the customer’s perspective. An advanced CPU and central server are installed on the site to read and store data, facilitate tasks, and manage the user connections to the monitoring system. ESA strives to simplify the experience of going solar, and the monitoring system is a vital component in the process.

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    ESA Renewables (ESA) mission is to provide the best PV monitoring system available in the market. In an effort to provide the most professional service possible to customers, the ESA monitoring system is customizable to the client’s specific needs, enabling all project goals to be met. The proprietary monitoring system focuses on accuracy and reliability to optimize energy output and strengthen client assets.

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The first thing you need to do is determine which type of monitor system is best suited to your individual performing needs and comfort as well as the individual requirements of your group members and your FOH (Front of House) mixer.