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  • I am agreeing that money from banks by online, Debit & Credit cards are true money The black/fake currency will be controlled which is weakening the national money including the hard work of loyal citizens. Every moralized citizen has to fight against the financial Terrorism.

    The money that banks create isn’t the paper money that bears the logo of the government-owned Bank of England. It’s the electronic deposit money that flashes up on the screen when you check your balance at an ATM. Right now, this money (bank deposits) makes up over 97% of all the money in the economy. Only 3% of money is still in that old-fashioned form of cash that you can touch.

  • As a restriction on the amount of money banks can create out of thin air like this, they are only normally allowed to create 10 times the amount of money they have on deposit. So in principal they could only create that £1000 only if someone else had previously deposited £100 at the bank. However before the crisis this “reserve ratio” was essentially reduced so that banks could create up to 1000 times the money they had on deposit… at that point the banks stopped bothering to pay interest on customer deposits… since they no longer needed deposits to create money any more.

    More sophisticated versions bring in the concept of ‘fractional reserve banking’. This description recognises that banks can lend out many times more than the amount of cash and reserves they hold at the Bank of England. This is a more accurate picture, but is still incomplete and misleading. It implies a strong link between the amount of money that banks create and the amount that they hold at the central bank. It is also commonly assumed by this approach that the central bank has significant control over the amount of reserves banks hold with it.

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    How not to invest money in banks
    Just like any other sector in the market, there are some bank stocks to stay away from. I wouldn't touch any banks based outside North America right now. The economies in Europe as well as emerging markets around the world are not the most stable, and a lot of the banks that look like steals right now -- National Bank of Greece, for instance -- are just traps.

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