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  • You’d be forgiven for wondering what, exactly, this is. does look suspiciously similar to a table spotted at Ikea, but this is actually a very minimal, modern dollhouse. It’s simple enough that both boys and girls will love it, and it has the added bonus of being just ambiguous enough to serve other functions in the house. After the kids grow out of playing with dolls, it could easily become an end table.

    Dollhouses have a long history, beginning in the 17th century. They were originally used to display interior designs, but eventually came to be used as children’s playthings. Today, they’re still loved by children, but there is also a growing global community of adult miniature collectors who value dollhouses for their style and quality. There is a huge variety to be found in the world of tiny houses, from the elaborate handmade houses to the mass-produced plastic ones. For many of us, the dollhouses we remember from childhood are the frilly Victorian type or the sterile Barbie’s Dream Houses. But there’s a whole world of sleek, stylish modern dollhouses out there, just waiting to instill a love of modern architecture in your little one.

  • These shipping container modules from Paris Renfroe Design are the ultimate in modern dollhouse architecture. Taking the wildly popular container homes trend and shrinking it to dollhouse size, Renfroe is bringing even more exposure to this particular architectural movement. Each unit is handmade by the artist and will run you $175-$250, depending on your desired finish. If you have some money to throw around, this might just be the perfect way to inspire your aspiring architect or interior designer.

    The is another take on the modern modular dollhouse design. The upper and lower units can be purchased separately or together so you can come up with your own unique home design. The sleek lines and glass fronts offer an unquestionably modern alternative to those character-less plastic dollhouses many of us grew up with.

  • Magical things happen in dollhouses. Miniature lives are lived while children develop their social skills and imaginations. This gorgeous modern dollhouse from Minimii encourages that learning and playing with a design that even grownups will love. This house is an exact 1:14 replica of famed architect Arne Jacobsen’s beloved home. The company even offers modern furniture to outfit the crisp modern rooms.

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Hand crafted Mid Century Modern dollshouse. I have one of these. It's modular and comes packed within eachother. The box turns into a house. Got it MoMA.