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  • Two-stroke engines use a fuel mixture of gasoline and 2-cycle oil to power the engine. Much like a chainsaw or an older model outboard boat motor, the 2-stroke mini pit bikes often produce excess smoke; depending on the ratio of the gasoline and oil mixture, they can leave a telltale odor in the air as they pass by. The use of mini pit bikes has been made popular in part due to their relatively lightweight and compact size. Easily loaded in the nose or the tail end of a transporter, the small vehicles offer a cost-effective method of transportation without the bulky size of a golf cart. Prior to the mini bikes, the golf cart was the primary mode of pit transportation.

    When using mini pit bikes to check a dirt track, the bumps and the consistency of the clay racing surface are easily discovered. Most drivers will use the mini pit bikes to travel onto and around the racing surface prior to every race. This allows the crews to adjust the race car to meet the changing track conditions.

  • Mini pit bikes are small, motorized motorcycle-like vehicles. Commonly found in , but occasionally used in circle and road track racing venues, mini pit bikes carry drivers and crew members to locations within the pit area. Drivers are required to attend a variety of events, such as drivers' meetings, and the size of many racing parks mandate the use of mini pit bikes to allow the drivers to make it to the meetings on time. Typically referred to as or , mini pit bikes are powered by very small gasoline or electric engines. The most common of all of the mini pit bikes utilize a 49cc (cubic centimeter) 2-stroke gasoline engine to power the rider at a rate of speed that is acceptable within the confined area of the pits.

    49cc Kids Pit Bike 2 Stroke Mini KXD Pit Bikes

  • 49cc Kids Pit Bike 2 Stroke Mini KXD Pit Bikes

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