Protective Silicone cover for Mini Keyboard.

Handheld USB Rechargeable 2.4G Mini Wireless Keyboard with TrackPad.

Mitid 2.4G Wireless Mini Keyboard with Mouse Touchpad for TV Box/Xbox 360/PS3/IPTV/HTPC, Black

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  • With this latest addition, now my baby station is fully equipped. It is a rocking recliner chair with very comfortable armrest and built-in footrest. There has a pouch sitting on armrest that enables me to have full control of the TV and the living room computer within arms reach. The pouch houses the TV remote, the cable box remote, a wireless mouse and the Bluetooth mini keyboard. Now I can keep myself entertained even if I have to hold the baby for the whole night.

    I got this Made in China Bluetooth mini keyboard on eBay fro $15. It is pretty small, smaller than my palm. The keys feel like cheap calculator, but it gets the job done. It is very easy to setup, just plug in the Bluetooth dongle and pair the device. I didn’t test explicitly the range of operation, but it works fine with the distance between the couch and the TV. It uses built-in Li-ion battery that charges via micro USB cable. The battery can last 3-4 hours of non-step use when fully charged. Since I usually only need to type in something quick, the battery can last pretty long if I remember turn off the keyboard after each use.

  • Now we will discuss about BTC 5100C mini keyboard, BTC is a Taiwan based company, it mainly manufactures computer hardware. BTC is new in this arena and they are planning to grow bigger so they launched this attractive product. Computer hardware market share is mainly distributed among Logitech, Intel etc. they are the biggest player in computer hardware market. If BTC wants to challenge them, they should me more reliable and customer-oriented. As this is initial phase for them, the product is looking impressive and attractive. You can purchase their keyboards online; the price varies from $40 to $100. It has 80 keys, the main feature of this keyboard is to pack 110 keys functions in 80 keys layout.

    Mini Keyboards you can take along just about anywhere. Compact and portable, yet packed with a rich selection of high-quality tones and rhythms.


    Ducky Mini Keyboard Carrier allows you to take your keyboard everywhere you go. The soft case is made with 5mm thick neoprene material that will protect your keyboard from knocks and scratches. There is a convenient cable pouch inside for stowing your detachable Mini-USB cable to keep your cable secure and prevent the connector from scratching your precious keyboard. The Carrier can be used with various other 60% keyboards as well.
    5mm Neoprene case size: 160 x 335 x 22 mm
    Package size: 220 x 385 mm
    Note: Suitable for various other 60% keyboards.


  • 11.8" x 6.0"

    3 Color IlluminatedMini Keyboard

    12.0" x 6.0"

    Mini Size Water ResistantVariable BacklitMechanical SwitchKeyboard

    With Bluetooth Mini Keyboard texting, messaging and mailing is no longer an arduous task for the user. So, grab this accessory now! You can find this keyboard, as well as other mobile device accessories at .

5 best iPad mini keyboards | ZDNet

With tablets becoming a more and more common sight in the workplace, people are finding that typing on a tablet or smartphone isn't the most efficient thing to do. Between uncomfortable key placement, questionable keyboard accuracy, and typing angles that are awkward at best, doing substantial amounts of writing on a touchscreen is less than ideal. The Goldtouch Bluetooth Wireless Mini Keyboard GTA-0033M improves the mobile typing experience by pairing a compact, lightweight wireless keyboard with a full-function key layout that's compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android for compatibility with all your Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices. When combined with a tablet stand such as the that can adjust your tablet's viewing angle, working on a tablet can be both convenient and comfortable.