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Funko Funko Mystery Mini: Batman Arkham Games-One Mystery Action Figure

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  • In November 2014, released the full 120-episode Batman collection on Blu-ray and DVD with a variety of extras including a miniature Batmobile, a 32-page episode guide, and A second box released on Warner Bros.' own batmanondvd website replaces the Batmobile and the trading cards with a script from the episode "The Joker is Wild" and a bonus box containing the movie and the "Adam West Naked" documentary. This series is also available at the .

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  • The Mini Batman Bat-Signal is exactly what it sounds like: it's a tiny version of the one Commissioner Gordon uses to summon the Dark Knight. It's got an on/off switch (for when you don't need to summon anyone) and arrives in a fun little gift box. Oh, and there's also a tiny book inside giving you a smattering of info on Batman, his tech, his enemies, etc. Basically, if you like Batman or know someone who does, this Mini Batman Bat-Signal makes a great gift. We asked Batman - he said you can give a gift to yourself. ZZONK! POW! BIFF!

    In the inky cloak of florescent lighting, things keep disappearing from your desk. First it was a pen. Then a pencil. Then a sandwich. Then your mouse. Assuming you aren't taking these things home with you, there's office theft abounding. But these crimes are too small to call the police - you need to call a mini Batman! And what better way to summon Mini Batman than with this Mini Batman Bat-Signal.

    Classic TV Batmobile
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    Classic TV Mini Batmobile
    Banana Truck
    Bane's Tumbler
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    Bane's Mole Machine
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    Batman's Buggy
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    The Batcycle
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    The Batmobile
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    The Batmobile (1989)
    Catwoman's Motorcycle
    Cyborg's Sports Car
    The Flash Mobile
    The Joker Steam Roller
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    Bruce Wayne's Compact Sports Car
    Robin's Redbird Cycle

  • Have you ever tried calling Batman on his cellphone when you’re in need of him? Don’t even try leaving him a voice mail because everyone knows that he doesn’t listen those either. The only way us fans call upon the caped crusader himself is with this Mini Batman Signal! It lights up to project the iconic winged Batman symbol onto nearby walls, etc.

Mini Batman Drawing Mini-batman

In the past we have encountered several different artistic renditions of the vehicle, but none we have loved as much as this incredible Mini LEGO Batman Tumbler. The tiny replica was built entirely from LEGOs of course, and was designed by Tiler. Aside from the all black stealth version, there are also a few snapshots of the multi-colored camouflage versions of the Tumbler as well. Tiler builds a ton of amazing LEGO objects which can been seen on his .