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ThinkGeek Officially Licensed Minecraft Foam Diamond Pickaxe

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  • Who doesn’t want to relax with a cold beer after a great game of Minecraft? Now you can do all that with your own Minecraft Pickaxe Bottle Opener.

    It’s made of zinc alloy and said to be as sturdy as an in-game iron pickaxe, so don’t think this is just another flimsy plastic plaything! This Minecraft Pickaxe Bottle Opener, officially licensed from Mojang, is available on for only $19.99.

  • To say is huge is an understatement. I don't just mean it's big because a Minecraft map is more than 25,000 kilometers across before you reach the glitched "Far Lands." The game has achieved such a massive fan following that Creepers, pixelated tools, and cube heads have become as common a sight at video game and comic book conventions as fezzes and Batman cowls. There are a lot of third-party Minecraft products out there, and one such product is the ThinkGeek Minecraft Pickaxe Touchscreen Stylus, a capacitive touch-screen stylus ostensibly used to play Minecraft Pocket Edition on your favorite mobile device. This $19.99 (direct) stylus is silly and awkwardly shaped, but if you really love Minecraft, this could become your favorite pointing device.

    Minecraft went from a $10 download to something that can now be found in every Geek & Geekettes home in some form or fashion. GeekAlerts is a big fans of the game and merchandise; we’ve shown you cool items like the , and and we also enjoy and , so the Minecraft Pickaxe Bottle Opener works perfect for us.

  • It's funny to consider that ThinkGeek offers a life-size Minecraft pickaxe made of a similarly solid EVA foam. It's even funnier to consider that that life-size pickaxe costs just as much as the 3-inch-long stylus. Of course, the life-size pickaxe isn't exactly usable as a stylus, and capacitive touch screen styli can easily retail for as much, even in the low end of the market.

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The Minecraft Pickaxe Touchscreen Stylus says it all – it is a miniature pickaxe that was designed to resemble the classic pickaxe within Minecraft itself, where it will play nice on majority of the touchscreen devices out there, regardless of whether you are a smartphone or tablet owner. Thing is, you will be able to write with the top of the pickaxe or to use the end of the handle, the job will still get done. Made out of high-density foam, the Minecraft Pickaxe Touchscreen Stylus measures 3.25″ x 2″ if you are interested in picking it up.