Let's Play MARIO PARTY 10 Part 1: Sause im Pilzpark Domtendo.

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    Mario Party mode playthrough of Mushroom Park in Mario Party 10 for Nintendo Wii U. The characters we use in walkthrough part 1 are Yoshi, Toad, Luigi and Rosalina. The boss battles in Mushroom Park are Mega Goomba and Petey Piranha! In this walkthrough we will play through the 5 boards of the game and make some compilations for the mini games! Mario Party 10 Mushroom Park

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    About the game:
    Developer: Nd Cube
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Platform: Nintendo Wii U

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    Mario Party is the gameplay similar to Mario Party 9, where the characters have to get to the end of the path with the most Mini Stars. Characters move around in vehicles taking turns being the "captain", or rolling the dice.
    The Mini Stars are thus returning from Mario Party 9. There will be some obstacles on the path, like a Whomp blocking it, like in Perilous Palace Path from Mario Party: Island Tour.
    Also, item shops return, this time in the form of Toad Houses

    Bowser Party is a new mode of gameplay featuring Bowser. There will be five players instead of four. Up to four players control Mario and his friends with Wii Remotes, with the fifth player playing against them by using the GamePad to control Bowser. Mini Stars are replaced by Hearts. The goal of Bowser is to deplete all the other players hearts, whilst the goal of the other players is to make it to the end of the course with at least one heart between them. Bowser rolls multiple dice, corresponding to the number of other players available. If Bowser catches up to the other players, he forces them to play a randomly selected "Bowser Minigame", where hearts are lost if the players are attacked.
    If all of the hearts from all 4 of the players should be completely depleted, Bowser wins.

    Mario Party 10 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes a Review and the first part of the game on Wii U in 1080p HD.
    Mario Party 10 Gameplay Walkthrough will include a Review, funny Moments, Bosses, mini games, Puzzles, amiibo, All modes and the Ending of the Single Player campaign.

    A total of 13 playable characters have been confirmed for Mario Party 10. Of these characters, 3 (Rosalina, Bowser, and Spike) are fully playable for the first time in the series (although Bowser is only playable in the Bowser Party and amiibo Party modes), and 2 (Toadette and Spike) are unlockable. Also, Donkey Kong makes his first full playable appearance in the series since Mario Party 4.

    Mario Party 10 Wii U Livestream Gameplay Walkthrough Mini Games W/ Voltsy
    Mario Party 10 Wii U Livestream Gameplay Walkthrough Mini Games W/ Voltsy

    This Mario Party 10 Gameplay Walkthrough was recorded on live on Youtube! Be sure to subscribe to catch more streams

    This Video was made by Voltsy (HeroVoltsy)