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But when I finally got my copy of Super Mario Galaxy 2 this past Sunday, I put my XBOX 360 aside, and plan to do so for a while

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  • Remember that Wii emulator that ? Thanks to a recent update, is now playable on the emulator -- known as Dolphin () -- and we have to admit, it . Granted, Super Mario Galaxy was no graphical slouch in the first place, but the extra resomolutions certainly add to the overall experience, and it gives us an idea of what a console would be capable of producing.

    Check out a video of the Super Mario Galaxy running in HD after the break (don't forget to turn on HD in the player). It's in HD. Did we mention that yet?

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    More recently, Miyamoto has spent his time grooming a new generation of designers that can take over the Mario and Zelda franchises while building something new. In 2015, that led to the Miyamoto-mentored Mario Galaxy team creating the critically acclaimed multiplayer shooter for Wii U, a game where you shoot paint, not bullets, making it appropriate for all audiences.

  • Super Mario Galaxy 2, the sequel to the smash-hit galaxy-hopping original game, launches May 23 for the Wii console. The game includes the amazing gravity-defying, physics-based exploration from the first game, but is loaded with entirely new galaxies and features to challenge and delight players. On some stages, Mario™ can pair up with his dinosaur buddy Yoshi™ and use his tongue to grab items and spit them back at enemies. Players can also have fun with new items such as a drill that lets our hero tunnel through solid rock.

    Its been a couple of weeks since the release of Super Mario Galaxy 2 in the United States, and its been enough time for me to be able to write about it. I know that it hasn’t been released everywhere yet, but soon enough everyone who wants to play this amazing game will get to this summer. Ok, onto my review.

    # Japanese title Translated English title Length
    1. Overture Overture 1:23
    2. 星くず祭 Starbit Festival 1:29
    3. 襲来!クッパ船団 Attack! Koopa's Fleet (Attack! Bowser's Fleet) 1:19
    4. カタストロフィー Catastrophe 0:54
    5. うばわれたピーチ城 Peach's Castle Is Stolen 0:32
    6. Into the Galaxy Into the Galaxy 1:25
    7. エッグプラネット Egg Planet 2:41
    8. 天文台のロゼッタ1 Rosetta's Comet Observatory 1 (Rosalina's Observatory 1) 2:27
    9. ミツバチの王国 Honeybee Kingdom 2:37
    10. スターダストロード Stardust Road 3:21
    11. バトルロック Battlerock 3:20
    12. グラスビーチ Grass Beach 2:21
    13. 天文台のロゼッタ2 Rosetta's Comet Observatory 2 (Rosalina's Observatory 2) 2:24
    14. クッパJr.登場 Koopa Jr. Appears (Bowser Jr. Appears) 2:54
    15. テレサワルツ Teresa Waltz (Boo Waltz) 2:42
    16. フローターランド Floater Land 3:11
    17. ウィンドガーデン Wind Garden 3:44
    18. 天文台のロゼッタ3 Rosetta's Comet Observatory 3 (Rosalina's Observatory 3) 2:44
    19. 宿敵クッパ大王 Nemesis King Koopa (Nemesis Bowser) 3:14
    20. ヘルプロミネンス Hell Prominence 4:08
    21. ギャラクシープラント Galaxy Plant 2:27
    22. 大王星の決戦 Battle for the Grand Star 2:25
    23. 夜明け~新しい朝~ Dawn ~A New Morning~ 0:56
    24. 誕生 Birth 1:56
    25. Super Mario Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy 4:03
    26. パープルコメット Purple Comet 3:02
    27. 青空アスレチック Blue Sky Athletics (Bonus Track) 1:10
    28. スーパーマリオ2007 Super Mario 2007 (Bonus Track) 2:19

  • Super Mario Galaxy Wii U
    Genre(s) Adventure
    Release Date(s)
    Autumn 2014

    Winter 2014
    Winter 2014
    Winter 2014

    Single Player
    Media Included

    In conclusion, I suck at Super Mario Galaxy 2. The jumping is fine when the camera allows you to see depth, or how far away from something you are. Countless times I’ve missed platforms or enemies because I miscalculated their distance. It’s probably just me. Video game journalists absolutely love this game, and I can see why. But I went so crazy playing this game sometimes, it ruined the rest of the beauty. I found a disgusting hair in my delicious soup and I threw up everywhere because of it.

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EAD General Manager Shigeru Miyamoto has told fans that while Super Mario 3D World is the present culmination of 3D Super Mario, that doesn’t mean that the team is done with the acclaimed Super Mario Galaxy series. Koizumi, the producer of the game, also said that when they made Super Mario 3D Land on the Nintendo 3DS, they already had the basic […]