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Marble Run Building Set 65 Pieces

Marble Genius Marble Run Super Set - 85 Translucent Marbulous Pieces + 15 Glass Marbles

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  • The marble run building set has enough pieces to build a huge, exciting run. The set includes 120 pieces of track and 16 marbles and the marble maze can be built and reconfigured over and over. The marbles disappear and then reappear as they travel down columns and through the chutes. The high-quality plastic is made in fun colors and the pieces are interchangeable with other Marble Madness building sets.

    Marble run building sets are excellent toys for young, creative makers. Construction sets stimulate creativity, problem-solving, and progressive reasoning. Marble runs in particular help to teach the basic scientific concepts like gravity as well as illustrating cause and effect. Hands-on toys like marble runs encourage engaged learning and can entertain kids for endless stretches of time.

  • The is an ultra cool marble run building set. The set is space themed and completely compatible with other Techno Gears building sets. It features an automatic marble launcher. Perhaps best of all, the brightly colored pieces are fun, but even more fun when the lights are out. This marble racing set glows in the dark!

    This HABA Sounds Starter Marble Run Set could be used on its own as you have all the pieces you need to build a nice track. However, combining it with other pieces will allow you to build longer and more complicated structures. The transparent sound tunnel with its hanging melodic bars is a stand out piece to use. As are the melodious building blocks which add colour as well as sound.

    Exclusive Marble Run Construction Set
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  • One of the things that makes Cuboro so great is that it is both a fun and educational toy! Each wooden block is made differently allowing for different functions. This means your child (and you!) really get to think about how to the blocks fit together and what connecting the blocks in different ways will create. The Cuboro Standard comes with 54 sustainable forest wooden blocks with 12 separate functions. When you and your child have mastered these functions you can start adding on Supplementary Cuboro Wooden Marble Run Sets that introduce new blocks with new functions.

50-Piece Marvelous Marble Run Set - Bed Bath & Beyond

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