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  • Having found some used strollers to evaluate, the consumer should first evaluate the condition of the functional components and the elements that affect the child's and parent's comfort. Check that the stroller is safety certified and has not been recalled. While Mamas and Papas strollers are well made and durable, these factors can make the difference in getting a great stroller or a headache. To find used strollers people visit niche baby stores and buy them online. Buying on eBay is a satisfying and easy experience for people who want used Mamas and Papas strollers that are safe and express their personality.

    Like a car that speaks volumes about the owner's personality, Mamas and Papas strollers have advanced features and distinctive styling. To buy a used stroller, shoppers should check out the current collection and evaluate the available features. Doing this enables consumers to decide what features they like and find those in a used model. With a model in mind, the consumer should do a bit of research to find descriptions and photos of used models to see what to expect. Because weight and dimensions are critical when handling a baby and a stroller, research can turn up these details as well.

  • Working with a child and a stroller can be tricky for even the strongest or most agile parents. The situation becomes even more difficult when the child is crying or when the weather is bad. Often parents have to work the stroller with one hand and hold the baby with the other. This is hard work when using a car and even harder when navigating public transportation. For this reason, it is important to evaluate the dimensions and weight of strollers. Following is a chart that describes the weight and dimensions of a few current Mamas and Papas stroller models like the .

    Consumers should look at the current styles in order to evaluate older ones. The current collection of Mamas and Papas strollers is diverse. The company markets to a wide variety of consumers so models have different styles and features. Some are multi-functional so that the child can lie down, recline, and sit up. Some are equipped to adapt with a car seat and the adapters are sold separately. Bassinets are sold separately and designed to integrate with the stroller as well. The difference in style is not as pronounced with models in recent years but may be very different when buying much older strollers. However, with the savings, the differences may fade in importance.

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    Easy to Transport: Another thing I’ve grown to love about the Mamas and Papas strollers is that they are easy to carry when needed. Just like my Tour, the Armadillo has a handle which makes carrying a breeze. There is also a teether strap located on the pushbar. Once collapsed, the stroller is very small and can fit in the far back of my minivan (where many other strollers are unable to fit). Although the stroller weighs 17.6 pounds, the handle makes carrying it so easy that it feels rather light.

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The Mamas and Papas company started in 1981 by importing strollers from Italy. It sold directly to consumers and also sold wholesale. After a time, the company began designing its own . This means there are a wide variety of Mamas and Papas used strollers available to consumers. While some people might want a vintage stroller, most consumers look for models less than five years older than the current collection.