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Magformers Designer 62

Magformers Standard Set (62-pieces)

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  • With brilliant color, genius design, and endless possibilities for creative excitement, the Magformers 62-piece Set is about to defy the laws of your child's creative thinking.

    Forecasters are calling for record levels of boredom with low levels of learning. Before the broadcast-of-doom comes to pass, break out the Magformers Magnetic 62 Piece Set. Eliminate boredom plus increase learning! It is difficult to go wrong with the 20 triangles, 30 squares and 12 pentagons. But you ask, what do I do with Magformers? It is so easy!! Even for adults. Kids pick this stuff up right away, but all you need to do is lay the two dimensional shapes side to side and voila they attract forming a three dimensional shape. Kids don’t care but neodymium magnets encapsulated within Magformers rotate any direction to connect. Who cares when you can build a bright and colorful house, as well as any number of shapes that stimulate learning? And no fears, as your child grows, Magformer sets have parts that are compatible with others; just keep adding on. And if you have concerns about safety, know that 6 year olds and up will enjoy the product (as you may as well). The construction is durable and strong. Rural King is the place to get this exceptional toy!!

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    Magformers Inspire 62 Piece Set

    You can make creative models with the newly added diamond and trapezoid shapes in new colors

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With the Magformers 62 Piece Set, kids can use colorful magnetic pieces to design and build hundreds of creative structures. The pieces in this set come in three shapes: pentagon, square, and triangle. The pieces attach together on any side using built-in magnets. The instructions show kids how to build 18 different structures. First, you start by placing the shapes on a flat surface and connecting them per the instructions. Then slowly lift up on the flat model and watch the shapes automatically connect to one another creating a 3-D model.