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You have encouraged me to reread the Madeline books! Off to the library!
That led to some surprising and delightful rhymes in his Madeline books.


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  • Although Ludwig Bemelmans is best known for his Madeline books, his creative life ex-tended far beyond the old house in Paris. He was a novelist and a non-fiction writer, as well as a regular contributor to "The New Yorker, Vogue, Holiday, "and "Town and Country. "He painted murals at the Carlyle Hotel, in the bar that bears his name, and planned to collaborate on a book with First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. Late in his life, Bemelmans decided to pursue his lifelong desire to paint with oils, and the stunning results are showcased here.

    In this first book alone you learn that Madeline has at least real Father because he is mentioned as "Papa", and because she has a father it means she does not live in an orphanage instead it is a boarding school. Doing some research, the grandson of Ludwig Bemelmans who has written more Madeline books in the past decades, he mentions that Miss Clavel is not a nun instead she is a nurse and Madeline is American. I can understand the Miss Clavel mixed up but in this first book alone it is not implied that Madeline is American because there is no dialogue that illustrates that she is either French or American so we will see the next book.

  • I hardly know a mom who doesn’t have a soft spot for the Madeline books of her childhood. Me included. It just seemed so romantic to live in Paris and walk to school every day wearing a yellow hat that looked like a boat.

    Next year, Madeline will be 75 (yikes! this makes me feel old), but she’s still got new books coming out. In October 2013, John Bemelmans Marciano, Ludwig Bemelmans’ grandson, released a new Madeline story called . He has written three other Madeline books before this one. He talked to NPR about .


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    The Madeline books have a great cadence of words—a great introduction to poetry, and the illustrations are delightful. What kid doesn’t want to live in an old house in Paris that is covered in vines?

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