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M&M Bunting Costume Color: Blue
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M M S Inflatable M M Child Costume - Sears

SugarSugar I'm Seeing Spots Costume, Medium

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  • Why limit your costumed excitement and adventure to a spooky All Hallows Eve? Why not consider dressing up in a Renaissance faire costume, Comic-Con costume, movie premiere costume or mud run costume? Holidays are better in costume, too, so put on a funny costume for Christmas, a patriotic costume for July 4th, or anything you want for Mardi Gras or Valentine's Day.

    Tiachia is enjoys making humorous costumes. Of her octopus getup, she says, "I put on the costume and drove to work. On the way, a guy cut me off, so I shook a tentacle out the window at him. He nearly crashed! At my desk, I was the most efficient employee ever, all eight legs typing, filing, and poking my coworkers in the ears!"

  • Sbatty's son is fascinated with school buses; whenever someone asked him what he was going to be for Halloween, he would respond, "A school-bus driver." She was determined to make the costume for him, and did so with great success -- and without a pattern!

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