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LEGO Dimensions Fun Pack - LOTR Gimli. With Fun Packs, Get the best variety for an extreme cross-over experience.

Lord Of The Rings Gimli Fun Pack - LEGO Dimensions

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    Gimli was the friend of Frodo and he also helped him fight the evil lord Sauron. He helped Frodo in making a force of the kings from different kingdoms of the world. He was friend of many kings, who also helped him all the way to Mordor, so that they will be successful and can be able to throw the ring in the fire of Mordor. Gimli and his friends fought very bravely and helped Frodo in fighting against the army of Sauron and Saruman. lotr gimli axe was considered a very powerful axe and was also considered a sign of strength. Gimli Axe was a very powerful sword many of the enemies resisted to fight the one having this axe. Gimli was son of Gloin and had a pure and royal blood. He was a man of great spirit, as when he was asked to fight along with Frodo, he was there along his axe. He also had many of the friends, who own many of the lands of the free world. He helped in killing many of the forces, who were united along with Orcs. In the end, he succeded with the help of the axe like gimli axe for sale. Overall, this axe looks very gorgeous and beautiful. Finishing of the Brass and metal makes it look even better. The pointy ends of the blade can be very dangerous and can kill an enemy very easily and because of its weight, it can also force enemy to run off the battle field. You can easily win a direct combat against your enemy because of its size and weight. You may also win easily against one holding a sword or staff using this Gimli Axe .

    The overall length of this lotr gimli axe is about 31 inches. It is a very heavy axe and is also very dangerous as it has blades on its both sides. Its weight is about 1.92 kilograms. It also has a shinny metal handle, which is also very heavy because, it has to support the heavy blades. The quality of all the elements used is very good. Wooden handle makes it look very better and the grip is wrapped with leather. The main benefit of this grip is that, it provides good support to the user and the weapon will not slip out of your hand. This Gimli Axe Replica is a very good and unique weapon and is also made up of Brass and stainless steel. Stainless steel does not allow any type of rust on it. Decoration pieces like this, looks very beautiful. Many children like this axe because they watched the movie Lord Of The Rings and they were very curious to buy this axe.

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