The light up football is pre-fitted with batteries, blow to inflate.

Reboot Sports Light up Football

Our newest addition to the Magma line up is the Reboot Sports Magma Light up Football!

Tangle Sport Matrix Nightball Football (Large)

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  • The Magma light up Football, by Reboot Sports, lights up brightly when struck. It stays lit for 3 minutes until struck again. It is powered by 2 powerful LED lamps. The kit includes 2 LEDs, batteries, special tool, rubber stoppers, and instructions. Reboot Sports also offers LED/battery replacement kits, available on Amazon

    Hey football fans! Ahem…. let me try that again. HEY!!!! FOOTBALL FANS!!!! Have you seen the new Tangle Light Up Football? This easy to catch, easy to throw football uses LED technology to light up the sky. The better spiral you throw, the brighter it glows. The fun doesn’t have to stop then the sun goes down.

  • Our fun light up football will change the way you play the game! With its powerful blast of neon green LED light, our fun-Sized blow-up, light up football is a fun way to have a kick-about after dark. The ball’s interior features a brilliant LED system that is activated via the receded switch. Light weight and fun. Please note: This ball is a novelty item and is not intended for a serious game of football.

    The TealCo Light Up Football ball, and all the other lighted sports balls we sell now, are inflatable; none are foam. They are made of very similar material to the material used in regular balls, and they feel like regular sports balls.

    With just a click of a button and your football illuminates from the inside creating an easy to spot ball for night games

    These stunning light up footballs are regulation size 5 footballs with a powerful LED light inside to light the ball while you play!

    • Regulation Size 5 football
    • Glows Brightly from within
    • One full set of batteries included
    • Easy to use - Just Press & Play!
    • Inflate with a regular ball pump and 'needle' attachment


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    The Magma Light up Football contains rugged LED lights that are impact activated.
    Clearly visible at 100 yards.
    The football is youth size 6.
    The batteries will last for 40 hours of play and are replaceable.

Light up Football | Light up Footballs by Reboot Sports

After a lot of unsuccessful searching, we decided to make our own LED-lighted footballs - and they are the best light up, glow in the dark football balls anywhere!