Liviana Sirmans’ Life Like Reborn Baby Doll

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Paradise Galleries Lifelike Realistic Baby Doll, Tall Dreams Gift Set Ensemble, 19-inch Weighted Baby, for Ages 3+

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  • Exquisitely handcrafted with RealTouch™ vinyl skin, this lifelike newborn baby doll has incredible details that make her look So Truly Real®. Hand-applied hair and hand-painted fingernails and toenails, she will capture your heart.

    She’s one of God’s tiniest children – only 10″ long – and her entrance into life had its scary moments. But now, with an outpouring of love – and God’s promise – this lifelike newborn baby doll has weathered the storm and is ready to go home!

  • Sherry was brought up in a small town in Northern Ontario, with her parents, her grandmother, and five siblings. The long winters gave her time to learn skills from her grandmothers and mother, which she uses today — knitting, crocheting, sewing, painting, drawing. Her father was a renowned artist who painted with passion until the day he passed away. Her mother is also a painter, and continues to paint in her senior years. Sherry developed her own creative passion for lifelike baby dolls, and her art is centred in her “Forever Wee Ones.”

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There's nothing as heartwarming as a sleeping baby breathing and cooing while she peacefully dreams the night away! Now, you can capture this wonderful moment with Sophia, the first-ever So Truly Real® lifelike baby doll created by Master Artist Linda Murray that breathes, coos and has a heartbeat.