Custom Lego War Vehicles For BrickCon 2011 by Yoni

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LEGO Creator Vehicle Transporter

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  • When building a LEGO vehicle that uses wheels, it’s typically a bad idea to put the wheels on too early. This is due to the rolling motion that may make it harder to press parts together as you build the model, and the wheels will also raise the vehicle up before its infrastructure is ready to support weight. Plus wheels can can just get in the way. So, what do you do when you need to wait with putting an element in place, but it will be difficult to do it later?

    I love it that it’s a really functional building, and that you’re afforded a lot of play and display options. It’s really easy to integrate into your existing LEGO township, and you can use it as a petrol station for your countless LEGO City vehicles. It’s also fairly large, and it looks quite substantial when you display it with other LEGO City-scale set. It’s definitely a lot larger than it suggests on the box illustration.

  • Have fun with this Lego Creator Ocean Explorer set, available at Amazon for a low price today! Explore the seas with your Lego vehicles and machines!

    The entire book is over 250 pages, with about 70 different LEGO vehicles, so there is plenty to build and get inspiration from. This is definitely a hands on book that will keep you busy for a long time with various projects. As I said in my last review, I wish these books were a slightly larger format with larger text and larger pictures for the instruction pages. The colors are crisp and the text is clear, it is just that you have to hunch over to see some of the details of the instructions. This doesn’t seem to be an issue with people with great eyesight, but it might be a good idea to check out the book in person to see if it bothers you. The normal price of the book is $18.99, but you can almost always get it for less on Amazon. See here:

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