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“Whatever they do, LEGO sustains a certain level of high quality and attention to detail,” he says.

LEGO Jurassic World T. Rex Tracker 75918 Building Kit

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  • Speaking of cool Lego concepts, I guess we’ll have to wait a little bit for that to come out. Only because Lego wants to be sure that we all get to have one.

    “There is 20 times more user-generated content created about Lego than what we actually generate ourselves,” Silberbauer said. “Our role is to set the scene for engagement, then let our users express their own thoughts and ideas through Lego.”

  • “In the past decade we have seen LEGO sales growth in the double digits year after year. We are of course very excited about this development, as it is the result of thousands of LEGO employees working to develop, manufacture and distribute LEGO products. The high demand also puts a strain on our factories around the world, and we make these investments to ensure that we can deliver all the products consumers desire both in the short and long term.”

    By way of example, Silberbauer pointed to the , which invites people to propose their own ideas for new Lego sets, and the $100 challenge, for which he asked his own team to create a campaign they could execute for the amount of cash they collectively had in their wallets–which came to about $100.

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  • In response, his team came up with a simple Lego figurine they called George. They invited Lego users to re-create George and take pictures with him against different backgrounds all around the world. The prize: $100 worth of Legos.

Discover proposals for new LEGO sets created by fans just like you

"Have an idea for a LEGO set?" LEGO asks its users. "Share your ideas, and if you get 10,000 supporters, we might make that product." If enough people rally around a particular idea, they will wait for that product to come to market without LEGO having to create any advertising for it, because people already want it.