Lego Minifig Accessories (spare part)

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(X20) Lego Minifigure Accessories - Hats, Weapons, Tools, Flippers Etc

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  • The two new 2012 LEGO Minifigure Accessory packs that were previously revealed are now available for sale at LEGO Shop at Home United States and Canada. Thanks to forum member h-7 for the heads up.

    Lego accessories Review
    Showing my lego 3 drawer organizing station. I'm in thee process of sorting pieces here is a video for those of you who like lego peices videos.


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  • This is only Lego brand accessories nothing modified. 3 Reasons that you would use this- 1. You would only use Lego if you were making a minifig from ...

    There are many ways of making custom accessories to Lego minifigs. I will be talking about 3 different alternatives to create them. 1. Regular Lego minifig accessories- This ...

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