Legacy Tigerzord and Saba finally reaches my area.

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Legacy White Tigerzord

Power Rangers Legacy White Tigerzord

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  • The White Ranger Legacy items continue… this time it’s the Legacy White Tigerzord! How does this stack up to the other Legacy Megazords? I take a look in my review!

    The Legacy White Tigerzord is part of the Legacy toyline for collectors. This item is a Toys “R” Us Exclusive and currently retails for $79.99 at the time of this recording. The metallic paint looks great, the robot and Megazord modes are easy to transform to and show great detail, and it’s ZordBuilder compatible. All in all, this is a great toy to have!

  • The centerpiece of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ Zord arsenal is the iconic Legacy White Tigerzord! During battle, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers can summon the Legacy White Tigerzord to help stop evil in its tracks! Mix and morph with other pieces of the Zord Builder collection, or take the excitement to the next level by creating your own unique Zord combinations! Collect and combine with any other item that is part of the Zord Builder collection (42070, 42095, 42100, 42110, each sold separately).

    As for Legacy Tigerzord, obviously want it myself, but I need Titanus first before I focus on Tigerzord. Why would I want to buy stickers for it that are half the price of the new toy that is all paint and sculpt?

    [97206] Legacy White Tigerzord White Ranger's White Tigerzord becomes Tigerzord Warrior M0de.

    Release Date: Spring of 2015

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    Originally Posted by Dr Kain
    So do I, but he is so inaccurate in his stickers (although, mine does not have light bolts on his upper arms).
    Well there is a Reprolabels set for the original Tigerzord. Here: 1994 White Tigerzord Reprolabels Set

    As for Legacy Tigerzord, obviously want it myself, but I need Titanus first before I focus on Tigerzord.
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Legacy Saba and Legacy Tigerzord Coming Soon

Revealed today are the first in box images of the Legacy White Tigerzord & the Legacy Saba Saber! These iconic pieces for the Mighty Morphin White Ranger are set for a first quarter 2015 release and we’re eagerly await them hitting store shelves! For now check out the incredible retro style packaging that each figure features!