Silver & Gold Legacy Power Morpher Comparison

Legacy Power Morpher White Ranger Edition

The much-hyped Legacy Power Morpher has apparently hit store shelves at last!

Power Rangers Mighty Morphin Legacy Edition Morpher

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  • I love it. I think this is possibility the best Power Rangers toy Bandai America has ever produced. I love the feel of it. I love the memories it brings back for me (even though I still have my original). I love the detailing. I love everything about the Legacy Power Morpher, and I cannot thank Bandai America enough for making it.

    YES! Do I really need to say it? Yes, this is a MUST HAVE. Honestly, even if you are not a Power Rangers collector, I would still recommend this. Bandai America did an excellent job with the Legacy Power Morpher, and I think every adult Power Rangers fan should have one.

  • While the package does say the Legacy Power Morpher is meant for ages 15 and above, I see no serious threat for children, other then the weight. If you are a collector and you are introducing your kids to PR with Mighty Morphin, this might be a good choice. Still it’s $50, so that may help make your decision on wether or not it is good for your child.

    Overall, this is hands down one of my favorite Power Rangers toys EVER. I am blown away with the amazing job Bandai America did in recreating the Power Morpher, and giving so much detail to it. They could have easily just done everything in plastic, and kept the original beeping sound, and I would have been fine with that. But this Legacy Power Morpher is beyond all my expectations. I love the feel of the morpher & coins, especially with all the diecast metal. I only have two wishes. One is that later in the year, Bandai America could make a Green & White Ranger edition of the Legacy Power Morpher (Gold painted plates & accurate Dragonzord & Tigerzord Power Coins). Second is that this item gets released world-wide so all fans have a chance to buy it. But still, I am ecstatic about this collectible.

    TITLE :Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Power Morpher Green / White Ranger Limited Edition ASIN : B00HH1M0NU BRAND : Bandai If not sure !!!!!! Check !!!!!

  • Finally Bandai America also saw fit to provide us with a Holster for the Power Morpher. This is made of sturdy black plastic. It measures 6 1/2 inches wide, 2 7/8 inches tall and 2 inches thick. It has two thick clips on the back that allow you to place the holster on your belt. The holster holds the Legacy Power Morpher either front facing or back. The clips on the holster keep the morpher in place quite well, and it does not feel like the morpher would fall out easily.

Legacy Power Morpher in Holster

Even before you take everything out of the box, you’ll notice just how magnificent the gold plating is. The Legacy Power Morpher itself is the same weight as the standard retail edition, but now with Green & White Ranger accurate Gold Plates. The plates and the back handle are still made of the same diecast metal.