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LeapFrog LeapReader Reading and Writing System, Green

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  • The Leapfrog Tag Reader will be a great way for my preschooler to gain confidence with her pre-reading skills and to teach reading comprehension while having fun!

    Overall, both Lily and I absolutely love the Leapfrog Tag Reader. She has played with it on many occasions and has enjoyed showing her grandparents how well she can read. Leapfrog offers 25 book titles so you are sure to find a topic or character that interests your little reader. The Tag Reader can hold up to 10 stories at a time, so there is always ample material for your child. The system, which includes the Reader and The Cat in the hat retails for $49.99. This would make an excellent gift for the holidays!

  • The LeapFrog Tag Reading System is a set of physical books with an interactive talking stylus that helps your child learn to read, pronounce words, and solve puzzles. Think of it as a halfway point between interactive PC media and a physical book.

    The LeapFrog Tag Reading System ($39.99 list) is a halfway point between an interactive website and a physical book. The Tag Reader uses physical books with a pen-like stylus to help kids read stories, solve puzzles, and sound out words that they’re learning to read. The stylus is actually an optical pen with a built-in speaker to give your child audible feedback during reading and play sessions. It’s pretty neat, but there are a couple drawbacks to its use.

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  • The Leapfrog Tag Reading System is a well designed, well supported way for your child to learn how to read at his or her own pace. It takes the constant adult supervision out of the equation, so the child can repeat a single word or audio sequence as many times as is necessary (to him or her). This is a good thing when your child’s favorite character is based on a goofy cartoon. Or named Walter the Farting Dog.

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I was given the chance to host a LeapFrog LeapReader, “Ready, Set, Read & Write” party! The party was a BLAST! Needless to say, I have been chomping at the bit to share the fun with you. We had our party about 3 weeks ago, I apologize for the delay, we had something awful happen to a close friend of ours, but things have settled down now and we are ready to share the fun with you.