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Kids in Bounce House

24 Bounce House Fill-in Kids Birthday Party Invitations

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  • Luxe Event Rental Atlanta’s Toddler- Big kids inflatable bounce house for rental use. Suitable for Toddlers and kids up to age 8 (100lbs and under). Multicolored pit balls included. Water feature option available for an additional fee.

    The above is the only time that I have seen a kid get sick in conjunction to a bouncy house. Despite our school having a back to school social each year that had a picnic and a bouncy house. That one did have parents standing and regulating things as 200 kids in one bouncy house at a time is not a good idea. There always was lots of sweat associated with the kids who kept coming back.

  • Luxe Event Rental’s Toddler- Big kids inflatable bounce house suitable for Toddlers and kids up to age 8. Pit balls included water feature available for an additional fee.

    I figured we’d have an article about the dangerous metal straws at starbucks. The three kids who cut their mouths out of the thousands and thousands of cups sold. But here I discovered I need to worry about no kids expiring in bouncy houses!

  • My kids were in a bounce house a few weeks ago! Thank goodness they escaped with their lives! I’m so glad that they weren’t irreversibly damaged from that fun afternoon, which was sponsored by our (fairly freerange) city, btw.

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