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Schwinn Kid's Balance Bike, Green, 12-Inch

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  • We have found that kids love balance bikes even after learning to ride a pedal bike without training wheels. It’s just fun and easy and often used for tricks at skate parks (at your own risk – always wear helmets and protective gear!) . Here is the same 7 year old trying a new trick on the Tyke Byke.

    And they should. Children learning to ride on a balance bike solve the balancing problem first. And they solve it easily: Kids on balance bikes are faster and steadier than the contraptions would seem to permit. (Yield the sidewalk.) They have the same confidence as a child on training wheels, but the confidence is justified: They actually do know how to balance themselves on a bicycle. Once on a real bicycle, these kids only have to learn how to make the pedals work. Learning to pedal while balancing is still tricky, of course, but it is far simpler than learning to balance while pedaling.

  • The new first city bike. PUBLIC Mini kids balance bikes feature a smart, pedal-free push bike design that makes learning to ride a bike easy and fun. Made with real bike components and classic PUBLIC design. Offered in both step-through and diamond frame styles for kids ages 3 and up.

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