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We welcome Lilly Guth to Keyboard Kids this Fall

Fisher-Price Teaching Keys Keyboard

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  • In our Photo Gallery enjoy a fun selection of photographs of our Keyboard Kids staff, facility, children, and activities. Learning is a fun adventure. See for yourself!

    Two recitals per year provide children with the opportunity to share their achievements with friends, family, and the broader Keyboard Kids community.

  • Research has shown that children learn much more effectively when parents are actively involved in their education. Practice has shown that children excel at Keyboard Kids through parent participation in class and at home.

    At Keyboard Kids, children develop a remarkable ear for music. In a supportive group environment, students explore a broad range of enriching musical experiences with a focus on ear training.

      Students benefit from five decades of Yamaha group-teaching development worldwide.
      Yamaha created Keyboard Encounters Kids in America based on 30 years of teaching experience in the U.S.
      When students complete Keyboard Encounters Kids, they can move directly into Keyboard Encounters and continue their education without skipping a beat.

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    The tutorial for students will show students how to enter their course and navigate/use Keyboarding for Kids appropriately.
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    Keyboard Kids offers a continuous curriculum from age 4 to adult. Beginning students learn basic musicianship such as ear training, rhythm, note reading, piano keyboard skills and ensemble playing. Advance students move into jazz and improvisational studies in alternating private and group lessons.

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Our daughter loves the group dynamic and the fun supportive atmosphere of Keyboard Kids. We are thrilled that she is learning good keyboard skills and getting an invaluable musical grounding in ear training, rhythm and solfege as well.