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I want to make $2 toys that look like the kaiju toys I post, ..

NECA Pacific Rim Series 3 "Knifehead" Ultra Deluxe Kaiju Action Figure (7" Scale)

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  • Thank-you all for hanging around this tumblr page. Life gets in the way of cool things, and I think of this page as a pretty cool thing. I’d like to pick up posting again, but I gotta ask: Do you still like these toys? Or rather, do you want to own these toys, or are you satisfied by looking at them as an image? It’s a weird question. I want to make $2 toys that look like the kaiju toys I post, but would anyone buy them? It’s hard to consider when you’ve neglected your audience of the very content you want to provide them with.

    Since August 2004,KaijuZoo Toys has been acceptingcommissions for customizing or restoring your favourite kaiju figureswith aone-of-a kind paint job. With your visual ideas, my designsuggestions and painting skill,you will own a special collectible you'll be proud to display!!!

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