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There are 5 key characteristics that jogging strollers have in common:

Baby Trend Range Jogging Stroller, Liberty

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  • The jogging strollers were sold at: Juvenile product stores nationwide and websites including from October 2009 through February 2010 for about $300.

    The USCPSC also announced the recall of the Valco Baby Jogging Stroller due to a strangulation hazard. The recall includes the Valco Baby Tri Mode Single and Twin Jogging Strollers.

  • We put our heart and soul into everything we build. From child, cargo & pet carriers to jogging strollers and cycles, when you buy a Burley you're getting the absolute best in quality, durability, and safety.

    What makes a jogging stroller a jogging stroller? The standard, 4-wheeled baby stroller has certainly been used for jogging in past years. Those runs had to be carefully planned to cover only flat, smooth surfaces, and great care had to be taken in securing and padding the child while you ran, because the stroller had a tendency to skitter every which way on the path due to its shopping cart wheels.

    Over the past decade, a new breed of strollers has evolved with three large fixed wheels, shocks, 5-point safety harnesses and drink holders for the child. Since our in 2002, the jogging stroller has continued to develop, and the models available today offer unprecedented ease of use and safety, both for the runner and the rider.

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  • Stroller’s features Why? Avoid
    3- large, fixed, air-filled wheels Stability, smooth ride, easy to push, less rolling resistance, easy to maneuver. Snowy roads & beaches. Small wheels, solid wheels, swivel front wheel, double front wheel
    One-piece aluminum frame Durability, safety, high weight capacity. Sporty look, lightweight and sturdy Rough edges and joints secured by plastic fittings. Metal frames – they are heavy and rust in humid climates.
    Reclining seat Makes it possible for the child to sleep Vertical sitting canopies
    A trunk/shopping basket For storing things and keeping your hands free while walking. To spend the whole day out with a fully-stocked stroller Models without a trunk – as they allow you to go out for just a short time
    Handbrake & parking brakes The handbrake maintains form and pace when running downhill. Critical for rollerblading – for emergency braking Models with no parking brakes – as jogging strollers may roll off when left unattended.
    Adjustable handle* To suit your height while running. Rollerblading requires a higher handle than running. A fixed handle that doesn’t suit your height.

    Of course, one person's improvement is another person's scourge. And anyone who has ever tried to find the "regular" kind of toothpaste on the grocery shelves knows that having lots of options just makes decisions that much more complicated. In this guide, we break down choosing a stroller into the major variables that can make a stroller just what you're looking for or the next-best-thing-that-falls-just-short. Then we'll take a look at a that is available today and give you some running with your new stroller.


    Stability: Stability, of course, is a good attribute for a jogging stroller that will carry your precious bundle for many miles. But a well balanced stroller is not a runner's friend. Turning a stroller when running depends on uneven distribution of weight among the three wheels so that the runner can easily and smoothly lift the front wheel incrementally to turn the stroller around a corner or bend in the road. We observed that many of the strollers that are made for walking as well as running were much more stable, making them more difficult to maneuver when running. Take into consideration how much of your stroller time will be spent running versus walking.

any chance of you reviewing a double jogging stroller?

Jogging strollers are strollers or prams designed to assist parents in becoming physically fit or maintaining their healthy lifestyle. Because of their strange, aerodynamic shape, moms and dads can walk, run or Rollerblade while pushing their children. This, of course, means quality family time doesn't have to be sacrificed to an exercise regime.