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  • The final appearance of Jasmine consequently inspired the studio to redesign Aladdin accordingly because Katzenberg felt that the lead character, who was originally depicted as a younger, "scrawny" , did not resemble "a suitable leading man for the beautiful Jasmine", which they feared would have resulted in unconvincing chemistry between the two. Thus, they ultimately decided to base Aladdin on American actor . Henn's favorite scene to animate was the scene in which Jasmine discovers Aladdin's true identity and gives the character "a look". The filmmakers decided to dress Jasmine in blue to represent water: "the most precious substance one can find in a desert"; the animators placed the character next to a fountain to further emphasize this motif. Jasmine became Disney's first .

    Jasmine disliked her living situation and physically removed herself. She's an icon. Climb up that tree like a queen and get your life, girl! When Aladdin covers for Jasmine's death in the market, we're blessed to get a sample of Jasmine's comedy chops. Her comedic timing is phenomenal. Your faves are taking comedy lessons from Jasmine. She knows how to land a joke, and she just signed a series deal with Comedy Central.

  • Jasmine debuted in (1992) as the dissatisfied daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah. Frustrated by having decisions constantly made for her while being forced to marry a prince by an antiquated law, Jasmine disguises herself as a peasant and from the palace where she meets notorious street thief Aladdin, who saves her from having her hand by an angry merchant after inadvertently stealing one of his apples. The couple escapes and bonds over the realization that they both want different lives for themselves. Aladdin is soon arrested by the palace guards as ordered by the scheming royal vizier Jafar, thus overruling Jasmine's insistence that he be released. When the princess confronts Jafar, he lies and tells her that Aladdin has already been executed, leaving Jasmine distraught; in reality, Jafar is using Aladdin to retrieve a magical lamp that contains a genie. When the Genie, who saves and befriends Aladdin, grants his wish to be transformed into a prince, Aladdin presents himself to Jasmine. Although initially unimpressed, Jasmine is charmed after joining him for a ride, where she discovers that the prince is in fact the same peasant she met in the marketplace. However, Aladdin convinces her that he is truly a prince who, much like her, only occasionally disguises himself as a commoner to escape the palace. When Jafar discovers that the prince is in fact Aladdin, he steals the lamp, becoming the Genie's master, banishing Aladdin and making himself Sultan, while enslaving both Jasmine and her father. When Jasmine refuses to marry him, she kisses Jafar to distract him while Aladdin returns in time to trick Jafar into wishing himself into a Genie and thus trapping himself in the lamp. Aladdin then rescues Jasmine from the hourglass in which she has been imprisoned, and the two become engaged after the Sultan, seeing how much his daughter loves Aladdin, changes the law so that she may marry whomever she loves.

    After sending Aladdin to the ends of the Earth, Jafar makes Jasmine his personal slave. She is distressed in that Iago is torturing her father and begs Jafar to make him stop. He then offers her the chance to become his Queen, citing her beauty and creating a crown for her from her chains with a wave of his hand. She hotly refuses and splashes a cup of wine in his face. He is about to punch her in the face when he comes up with a more gentlemanly idea. He commands the Genie to grant his wish that Jasmine fall in love with him. After seeing that Aladdin has returned, Jasmine distracts Jafar by pretending that she is in love with him and seducing him, so that Aladdin can get the lamp. She throws him many compliments of everything: of his height, skin, beard and even his gapped teeth. When Aladdin's cover is about to be blown from a fruit bowl that fell during a scuffle between Abu and Iago, Jasmine becomes desperate and kisses Jafar to keep him distracted (much to the disgust of Aladdin, Abu and Iago). This was a successful ruse, until Jafar sees Aladdin's reflection in Jasmine's crown, and attacks him. When Jasmine tries to grab the lamp, Jafar imprisons her in an hourglass, where she is almost suffocated by sand before Aladdin rescues her.

  • Jasmine Wallpaper. Jasmine wallpaper.. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Disney Princess club tagged: jasmine disney princess disney wallpaper.

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Jasmine Wallpaper. Jasmine Wallpaper. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Disney Princess club tagged: jasmine wallpaper disney princess fairy tale disney aladdin princess jasmine.