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Take a Dip in These 11 Inflatable Kiddie Pools

Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool, 45 x 10"

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  • An inflatable kiddie pool is a great choice for small children; these are light weight, soft and are simple to set up store. Your young swimmer will gradually become acclimated to water using a kiddie pool and will gain water confidence while feeling secure in his own kiddie pool. Pool Center also carries Deluxe Kiddie Pools that come with sprinklers and slides and are great backyard water play centers for the kids. Kids will love to plod in the toddler pool, go down the water slide, enjoy the sprinkler spraying them with cool water, or simply relax under the inflatable palm tree. Inflatable kiddie pools come in a variety of fun shapes, colors, and designs so you can pick one that fits your style.

    When shopping for a kiddie pool, look for those made from hard plastic, specifically types #2 or #4. Take a pass on any pool model made from #3 plastic—the recycling symbol for PVC. If you can’t locate an arrow on the bottom of the pool, keep in mind that inflatable kiddie pools are virtually always made from PVC and should be avoided.

  • You can always browse the selection at Walmart or one of the many other brick-and-mortar stores that sell blow up kiddie pools. But you can likely find better and cheaper options by looking online. To get you started, here are 10 of the best inflatable kiddie pools we’ve come across:

    In 1971 suburbia, a curler-wearing teenager is not embarrassed to pose with her parents in an inflatable kiddie pool. Mom sports a platinum blonde bouffant hairdo and mod two-piece swimsuit, while Dad is considerate and flicks the ashes of his cigarette on the dry lawn instead of in the pool.

  • Too cold outside to play? Fill this inflatable kiddie pool with ball pit balls instead of water to make a whole new play center experience! Add 100 Fun Ballz™ and move indoors for use without the water features. Ball pit balls sold separately.

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Witnesses said they saw North carry the children to an inflatable kiddie pool in a frantic attempt to cool them off. The girls were pronounced dead at a nearby hospital Aug. 4.