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Imaginext Gotham City Playset comes with the Joker and Bruce Wayne with his helmet and cape

Fisher Price DC Super Friends Batman Imaginext Gotham City Center 3" Figure Set

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  • HobbyKidsTV presents Imaginext DC Super Friends Exclusive Gotham City Gotham City Batman. HobbyDad and HobbyKid open up this exciting play set. See all the cool features of the Imaginext Gotham City set. Then Trixie shows up looking for a henchman positing that she found on Cragslist. See the story unfold as Joker and Trixie rob the Gotham City Bank with Batman in pursuit.
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    Imaginext DC Super Friends Exclusive Gotham City Gotham City Playset
    The FisherPrice Imaginext Gotham City Playset features the Joker and Bruce Wayne with his helmet and cape. The Joker hideout is under the Gotham Bank with a blast through wall

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    Just4fun290 Presents Imaginext Gotham City Center With Batman Mr. Freeze Cat Woman Riddler Gordon DC Fisher Price!

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  • The FisherPrice Imaginext Gotham City Playset features the Joker and Bruce Wayne with his helmet and cape. The Joker hideout is under the Gotham Bank with a blast through wall that he can use to break into Wayne tower With fold out side steps the Joker can get up to the front of the bank where he can use the disc to either blow the side of the bank open or open the front door and walk right in. The center tower features an elevator activated by the right hand turn disc when you raise it to the top the figure pops out of hidden doors of the tower and the shutters on the window close revealing a Bat symbol. Batman can jump over to the top left tower and use the projectile launcher to stop The Joker and take him to the police station and put him in the holding cell. In the basement of Wayne Tower, Batman has a garage to store the Batmobile in and a place to hold his helmet and cape. Comes with projectile launcher, Bruce Wayne, Helmet and Cape to make him Batman, The Joker, Projectile launcher with projectile, playset with fold out stairs two figure activations (bank wall and door, elevator with Bat symbol shutters) and pop through wall into Wayne tower.

    Play-Doh Imaginext Batman Gotham City Play SET Play-Doh Activities Play Dough Fun Amazing FUN !!! These imaginext sets come with come amazing charioteers inc toy story space ships and dinosaurs but today we are having a look at batman WOW enjoy :] fisherprice

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    5.0 stars

    Fisher-Price Imaginext Gotham City Joker Plane

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    Do you have a little Batman fan in your house? The Imaginext Batman Gotham City Play Set would be an amazing present, and it's Half Price right now at Toys R Us, down from a very expensive £59.99 to £29.99. This set does seem pretty difficult to get hold of, and though there are a few left in stock on Amazon at £55 the rest seem to be selling for way more on e-bay!

Imaginext Batman Gotham City | Toys R Us

Here is a Fisher Price Imaginext Batman Gotham City Jail. Includes jail playset and Batman and Bane figures. Turn figure on disk to make Bane glow and turn other figure to open jail cells.