How to swaddle a baby - tutorial

How to Swaddle a Baby:

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  • Before I had kids, when I was pregnant with Miss Magoo, I babysat for my husband’s cousin. She had a toddler and a baby. The first day I babysat, the baby started fussing and needed his diaper changed. I got him unswaddled and changed, but for the life of me I had no idea how to swaddle him up again. And since he loved being swaddled, I needed to find out how to swaddle a baby. When Sarah came home, I asked her to show me how to swaddle him, and she did.

    For my graphic design class, our task was to make a step-by-step illustrated guide to a simple procedure! So I present to you….how to swaddle a baby! This technique is super easy, doesn’t require any special swaddling contraptions, and is very secure for baby! Get some use out of all those baby shower blanket gifts and get to swaddlin’!

  • If you are living with a fussy baby, swaddling can be one of the soothing options. While how long to swaddle a baby can be a confusion for many new moms and dads. Following are some guidlines about how long to swaddle a baby.

    If you want to know more about how to swaddle a baby, the following video can give you professional and detailed demonstration:

  • For around 40 weeks your baby lives snug, warm, and confined in your womb. Swaddling, or the act of tightly wrapping your baby in a cloth or blanket, is thought to mimic this environment leading to comfort and even longer sleep periods while also preventing face scratching and startled wake-ups. This is why many hospitals and health care professionals now recommend swaddling newborns from birth to about one month of age. In fact, most newborns born in hospitals or birthing centers are swaddled for warmth and given to parents to hold before they are even bathed. If you, however, missed that important tutorial on how to swaddle a baby, this simple step-by-step guide on how to swaddle a baby has got you covered from why and when to how in one snugly bundle.

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A little insight into me, one of my pet peeves is to see people holding infants haphazardly. The newborn’s head is not supported and in turn is flapping around everywhere. Ahhh!!! I know baby’s are resilient and survive through a lot… but still. A newborn’s neck is so weak! My midwife showed me this simple, efficient way to swaddle a baby to 1) soothe & relax them and 2) support their neck. The pictures below will take you through how to swaddle a baby in 5 steps. Swaddling your little bundle of joy in this manner before letting others, especially young children, hold him/her will better protect your baby’s neck even with the most inexperienced baby holder.