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  • You probably remember playing the Hot Potato game at birthday parties when you were growing up. Easy to learn and fun to play, Hot Potato is a great game whether you have a few kids over for a playdate or are hosting an all-out birthday bash. Throwing a hot potato game into the mix not only entertains energetic kids but helps them gain valuable skills.

    "Kids are learning agility, fine motor coordination and to take turns while working on their audio and prediction skills as they're listening for the music to stop," explains Dr. Marcy Guddemi, the executive director of the . "Hot potato is most developmentally appropriate for kids over age 7. Prior to that, children aren't ready for games with rules or eliminations and don't have the attention span to wait around with nothing to do between rounds."

    To make the game fun for all ages, Dr. Guddemi recommends modifying it to the appropriate developmental age level of the participants and breaking up large groups into smaller circles of about four players each to reduce time between rounds.

    This musical potato game by Parker Brothers can be played by 2 to 4 players, each player gets three cards or lifelines that have the letters 'H', 'O' and 'T', respectively printed on them. The players are not supposed to reveal the cards. The first player squeezes the potato, to start the music, and tosses it to the next player or so on. The music automatically stops, and the player holding the potato when the music stops, has to show his card that 'H'. Once a card is shown, he loses one life and is one step closer to elimination. In this way, whenever a player displays all three cards 'H', 'O' and 'T', he loses all lives, and is eliminated. The game then continues among other players. The last player to stay alive is the winner. There are several other electronic hot potato games on similar lines available for different brands.


    Come and have a great time as we play the Hot Potato game together!

    Thanks for watching!


    Come and have a great time as we play the Hot Potato game together!

    Thanks for watching!

  • The origins of the hot potato game are not clear. However, it may go back as far as 1888 when 's describes a game in which a number of people sit in a row, or in chairs round a . In this game, a lighted is handed to the first person, who says:

A New Twist on the Hot Potato Game

I believe that any child that loves The Wiggles would love The Wiggles: Hot Potato, Hot Potato Game. I know that parents could get annoyed rather quickly, so if possible, change the settings when your child isn't looking! You might get lucky, and like mine, maybe they won't notice the Velcro flap on the back right away!