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Replete with valuable life lessons, THE HERO OF COLOR CITY will entertain and inspire..
The Hero of Color City
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The Hero of Color City DVD and Blu-ray TV Spot

The Hero of Color City

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  • Ever seen a crayon with eyelashes? You will have after you've watched the brand new trailer for kids animation The Hero of Color City, a hot new movie with a rather unique premise. The visual equivalent to giving your kids E-numbers, the imaginative and - some might say - psychedelic action adventure is drawing (sorry) steadily nearer to its official release in fall.

    'The Hero Of Color City' is an adorable animated children's adventure directed by Frank Gladstone in his filmmaking debut. Writing credits include Evan Spiliotopoulos ('Art Heist', 'Battle for Terra', 'The Nutty Professor'), Jess Kedward, J.P. McCormick, Kirsty Peart and Rich Raczelowski and it is due to be released on iTunes and On Demand later this year on October 3rd 2014.

  • Cheerfully exhorting imagination, creativity and bravery in children while demonstrating none of those virtues itself, "The Hero of Color City" proves to be a dispiritingly colorless feature-length babysitter.

    The Hero of Color City follows a group of crayon’s from young Ben’s room, who visit Color City each night while he sleeps. When Yellow is accidentally left behind in Ben’s room, she awakens two Unfinished Drawings: King Scrawl, a huge monster, and Gnat, Scrawl’s sidekick. They follow Yellow to Color City and claim the enchanted Rainbow Waterfall and all of its color for themselves. Soon Color City will fade and the crayon characters will disappear. It’s up to Yellow and her pals, Blue, Green, Red and the twins, Black and White, to save the day.

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    With mind-blowingly cutting edge digital animation, fully explored character arcs and a genius plotline to make big-budget Hollywood blockbusters go back to the sandbox, The Hero of Color City may just be 2014's most underrated movie. The Hero of Color City will be release in the USA on the 3rd October.

The Hero of Color City Movie Review (2014) | Roger Ebert

THE HERO OF COLOR CITY misses some plot points in the beginning, but gathers steam in an entertaining second half. A couple moments in the editing could be tightened up, but, overall, the story has a nice pace. Also, the plot twists are clever and often funny. The positive values in THE HERO OF COLOR CITY are strong. The movie promotes courage, helping others, forgiveness, and wisdom. Both parents and children will enjoy THE HERO OF COLOR CITY.