Hello Kitty Car Sunshade: Black Leopard

Hello Kitty Window Sunshade: Polka Dot

Plasticolor 003681R01 Accordion-Style 'Hello Kitty' Windshield Sunshade

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  • Hello Kitty sunshade, deluxe and durable nylon and help protect interior from heat and UV rays. 2 separate panels: use horizontally or vertically to fit more vehicles. Each panel measures 26 x 57 inches. They help to keep your vehicle cooler inside, blocks 99% of harmful UV rays and helps prevent fading of your interior. Easy to use; easy to store beneath or between seats 22 x 2 x 16 inches

    The Hello Kitty window sunshade will help keep out hot sun raysProtect your car from all the sunshine and heatPrevent your leather seats or car seats from burning hot

  • “The kid that lives across the street from me has a Hello Kitty bike,” said Davis. “I parked next to an adult woman who put up a Hello Kitty sunshade. I was at a thrift store last week, and there was a lady there buying a Hello Kitty radio. And then I went to the pet store the other day, and there was a section at the store dedicated to Hello Kitty chew toys and all kinds of stuff for pets.”

    The sunshades hang on the top of the windscreens, so you better choose the ones that you think are the ones which you can stare at the whole day. Since the hello kitty sunshade designs are for any gender and age, they will prove to be things that you will love to stare at all day long.

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    Hello Kitty Sunshade

    The Designs are not just limited to the hello kitty logo. The hello kitty car sunshade designs are infused with a bit of class and elegance. Where you see a hello kitty face, you can always find something as cool as it is right by its side.

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Featuring a temperature repellant backside, this shade will keep out the hot sun, and even block UV rays which damage your car's interior & cause it to fade.

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