We all need to spend more time in our happy places.

Paige….I love the term happy place….it’s both playful and concise…

He’s my happy place, my oasis, my calm in the chaos of my life.

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  • My happy place is my local park – Regents Park in central London. Anytime I go there I feel just so grounded, happy and ready to take on the world.

    Yes, ever day can be a perfect day. It’s all in how we look at it. We also need to know when to pull back into our happy place before we let the world get to us.

  • Hi Paige,
    We sure are on the same page here! I feel like you read my mind!! My happy place is my home. But lately I’ve spent too much time on the computer neglecting everything my home is about!! So I spent this week in my home, kind of taking a mini vacation, enjoying all the things that I’ve missed when I’m too busy, like reading, drinking coffee, taking walks and planning my spring vegetable garden, even organizing a closet!! Facebook, twitter and the readers of my blog didn’t even miss me! Today, I feel revived and ready to take on the world again.

    I am blessed to wake up to the ocean and it’s beauty every single day – so for me my HAPPY PLACE is my condo -as I write this I hear the morning birds, the seagulls and am looking at the stillness of both the Harbor and the ocean this morning – it’s beauty, it’s vastness, it’s calm – all in perfect order with the sun rising above the water….

    Real fall weather. Backyard bonfire perfection! My happy place!
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  • I'm in a really happy place, inside... heart, mind, body, soul, all.
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    Happy Place indeed – I believe in my happy place and cherish that I go there throughout the day – life is too precious to waste it on worry and anxiety – living in the moment – I often look down at my feet and where my feet are is where my happy place is for I am alive and well!

Title: The beach is my happy place.

This morning’s epiphany was that George is my happy place. I enjoy going and spending time with him and being able to let go of the sadness because it doesn’t belong with him. I don’t go to George when I’m sad, or if I do, I don’t talk about the sad, I focus on the happy.