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McFarlane Halo 5: Guardians Series 1 Master Chief Action Figure

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  • It would be really sad i love the halo figures there is just something special about seeing the brand new figures in stores bringing them home and being able to display it with all the others. I am looking forward to the Assassins creed figures but hopefully Mcfarlane doesn’t neglect the Halo series.

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  • The Verdict: In summary, do I think that McFarlane is going to call it quits on their main line of Halo action figure any time soon? Nope. The evidence doesn’t suggest that at all–Halo 4 Series 2 could have been delayed for any number of reasons we’re not privy to, including factory delays or a delayed approval process by Microsoft. All I see is that several spinoff attempts like Halo Micro Ops and Halo Universe weren’t strong enough to succeed outside of the main line.

    So true. My local Walmart and Target stores still have the Jacob Keyes and Cortana figures. These two figures seem stay on the rack even after discounts. The sad thing is, they’re the only halo figures these stores have in stock.

    Halo Master Chief 31-Inch Action Figure
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  • Square-Enix Halo Action Figures

    My knee-jerk reaction to the question of whether or not the McFarlane Halo figures line is dying would be a straight-up “Hell no!”. But that’s also not a very analytical answer, and I think I’d be doing a disservice to the Halo toys collecting community if I stopped there. I want to look at this issue as scientifically-minded as possible, so let’s compile the evidence.

halo 4 joins mcfarlane toys long running line of halo action figures

Earlier this week I wrote an editorial discussing the question of whether or not the McFarlane Toys Halo action figure line is dying. As distressing as that topic is (and it definitely distresses me), it gave me the opportunity to reminisce over what is one of the most expansive toy lines of the past decade. During my stroll down memory lane, I got curious about which McFarlane Toys Halo figures are the rarest (and therein most expensive) entries from the Halo toy line. A few hours of research later, and I present you with my list of The Top 10 Most Expensive McFarlane Halo Figures…