Call in mobile firepower with the amazing Hailfire Droid™!

Call in mobile firepower with the amazing Hailfire Droid!

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Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire Blaster

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  • The -class also had many different configurations that boasted various types of weapons. Some of the configurations included heavy blaster , , or anti-personnel stun weapon batteries. The wheels' inward design gave Hailfires a wider lateral range and the ability to crush tightly grouped soldiers and small vehicles.

    The Hailfire Droid, or the IG-227 Hailfire-class droid tank, was a droid mainly used in the battle of Geonosis. It was extremely fast and could destroy a Republic AT-TE Walker with one shot from its missiles. It also uses its oversized wheels to run over large groups of and other equipment. However, its main eye was very vulnerable and would explode if the eye was destroyed.

  • Due to the limited supply of 30 warheads for each unit, the Banking Clan retired the Hailfire from the battlefield for some time. The Clan came up with an answer to this problem, though: air-mobile that could resupply the -class droids with warheads were partnered with them on the battlefield, and once again, the -class became the scourge of slow-moving vehicles. During the Clone Wars, like many other vehicles, the Hailfire droid was re-painted in the Separatist color scheme.

    Used in the Battle for Geonosis, the Hailfire Droid is an artillery droid designed for fast travel over rough terrain. It uses to navigate terrain, and is armed with shoulder-mounted rocket launchers. The 32 rockets can be identified by the thick black exhaust they leave behind. They are among the most destructive droids used in the CIS army, but have the distinct weakness of having a low ammunition capability, because they use projectile weapons rather than blasters or lasers. Whenever the droid exhausts its munitions it must retreat with only a small front laser to defend itself. After the rise of the Galactic Empire, Hailfire Droids were reprogrammed by the Rebellion to fight the evil empire during the Galactic Civil War.

  • The Hailfire Droid is built up of mainly and pieces. The wheels are made up of very small tread pieces, which interlock together to form a tread, which goes around a circular transparent, barely visible, dish, making the tread pieces look like a wheel. The middle part of the droid is its main eye, shown as a transparent red stud. Triangular brown pieces cover underneath the left and right of the eye. A smooth brown piece covers the top of the droid, and also connects it to the missile rack, where four transparent red flick-fire missiles can be launched.

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The Verdict
The DBZ/Diamond Hailfire SM is solid guitar capable of covering much more musical ground than its flashy looks might suggest. Its lightweight, balanced construction alone make it a winner in a world that's constantly demanding lighter, more comfortable guitars, and the solid build and pickup complement are capable of handling everything from jazz to rock, blues, country, metal, and beyond. Shredders might prefer a narrower neck, but if you're in the market for a guitar with hot-rodded tone and custom looks to match—and at a pretty damn reasonable price—the DBZ/Diamond Hailfire SM offers a lot of compelling selling points.