Gift Ideas for a 6 Year Old Girl Perfect for Her Birthday

Dollhouses also make great gift ideas for 6 year old girls!

On this page are our selection of the best Christmas gifts for 6 year old girls.

Creativity for Kids Fashion Headbands

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  • Mini-Play Makeup is a great and benefits you as a mother because our makeup kits are so realistic, yet completely mess free. They are realistic, which means she plays with her fake pretend makeup kit. And if she is playing with her fake pretend makeup kit from , guess what: She is no longer getting into your makeup. Your makeup time turns into valuable shared makeup time together, instead of a somewhat stressful situation with you hovering nervously to ensure that no mess is made or makeup wasted. Which is why it’s a great gift for your 6 year old girl, and for you too! Get her her very own realistic, mess free, makeup kit today!

    The reason that jewelry can be seen as the best gift for a 6 year old girl is that it is both symbolic and so tangible. The girl loves it, Mom loves it and you will easily find so many great alternatives to adorn the young lady with. It doesn’t have to cost that much to get a pretty pendant in sterling silver or gold but it does make sense to teach her how to handle the jewelry with care. A very common practice is to give a 6 year old girl a piece of jewelry to wear for special occasions like dinners, parties and holidays.

  • thanks for this blog post. I googled for gift ideas for 6year old girls – and found your post. Just purchased my niece her gift – jewelry making beads and string!

    A gift for a 6 year old girl can certainly be fancy but think practically about how a little girl behaves. She might go for a climb in the playground and for this reason it is better to stick to the type of jewelry that won’t easily be torn as she plays. A pendant is a safe choice but earrings are also a smart idea. For a child you should make sure to get earrings that are made of a hypoallergenic material and of course, that her ears are pierced! See the picture below of amazing amethyst earrings from Bluenile. Click on it for more information!

  • These are the best gifts for 6 year old girls this year. When you are searching for a good gift for a young girl there are lots of things to consider. Such as, would they prefer a beautiful gift to keep on their bedside table or something they can be imaginative with?

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Since I absolutely love helping parents and grandparents choose the best gift for their children and grandchildren and I am the mother of a girl myself, I decided to create this gift guide to help you find the best and most fun gifts for 6 year old girls!